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Youth fashion 2023: main trends

Youth fashion is perhaps the most changeable and unpredictable, because most of the trends are born not on the catwalks, but on social networks. Designers strive to find solutions that would create a stylish look that demonstrates exclusivity and individuality. The main trends for teenagers in 2023 are femininity, naturalness and layering. When creating images, it is worth giving preference to beige, yellow, brown and white. You should use bright accessories that will add ease to the image.

Faux fur has long conquered the world podiums. In 2023, not only fur outerwear, but also hats and shoes will be in trend. In the trend are products with a long or short pile, a fur coat and a fur coat dress, plain models or with a print, shortened or elongated. The most daring will suit a bright and catchy fur coat, and those who prefer the classics should choose more restrained options. Fur cloche hats and shopping bags are at the peak of popularity.

The main trend of 2023 in youth fashion is layering. Several layers of clothing allow you to combine different elements of the wardrobe. You can easily change the image, introducing brutal or feminine elements into it. For the first layer, you should use turtlenecks, t-shirts, shirts, crop tops. Bombers, cardigans, jackets and vests are suitable as a second layer. On top you can wear a down jacket, jacket or trench coat.

Knitwear is becoming more and more popular because it creates incredible comfort. This season, bright knit maxi dresses, voluminous sweaters and cropped pullovers with unusual decor are popular.

Leather clothing has been in trend for several seasons in a row. Eco-leather trench coats or coats are especially popular. Leather clothes can be complemented with a laconic bag, scarf or silk scarf.

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