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Popular shoes of spring 2023

Fashion trends change from season to season, but there are such models that become sales leaders and can stay in the top of popularity for more than one year. We are already accustomed to the fact that designers periodically return forgotten silhouettes and shapes to fashion, but sometimes they set the trend for incredible combinations, for example, combining classic suits with sports shoes or street jogging pants are complemented by stilettos. Combinations of bright colors are in trend this spring season. Yes, and the approach to shoes has changed. Shoes should not only be comfortable, but also attract attention, become a bright accent of the image.

In 2023, over the knee boots in dark colors are at the peak of popularity. Such shoes are an option for early spring, and a great alternative to boots. Lacquer, suede, strict or unusual color over the knee boots are in trend. You can combine them with mid-length dresses, stylish coats.

Ankle boots are another alternative to boots. They have long been listed in the TOPs of spring shoes and are ideal for creating an image in everyday style. Ankle boots go well with jackets, coats, trench coats, as well as with windbreakers for warmer weather.


Shoes with a narrow toe are back in fashion, but slightly change the shape to a more elegant one. These shoes are suitable for both evening and business looks. To smooth out the severity, the designers added a flirty decor in the form of chains.

Chesley boots are an undeniable hit. Designers strengthened the tractor sole, made it more massive, and also offered a variety of color options for spring and brought suede models to the top.

Shoes that allow the foot to breathe are in fashion, so designers have decorated various models of shoes with decorative cutouts or have increasingly begun to use the technique of weaving straps. Cutouts will look especially relevant on summer shoes and sandals. But you can also see them on spring ankle boots.

We have a wide range of shoes for the spring season in our complex. We invite you for shopping!