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Fashionable sleepwear 2023

Sleepwear should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful, emphasize femininity and individuality. Designers use various materials to create vibrant collections; sleepwear made of cotton, silk, satin and fine knitwear is very popular. In the 2023 season, models are presented in different styles, but the romantic style is in the lead. In fashion are models that resemble dresses in cut, and are decorated with an elegant pattern.

In 2023, cropped shirts in pastel colors with a delicate print and lace in the neckline are in fashion, which look very feminine. Designers have presented in their collections a wide variety of colors, even the most concise options look incredibly feminine.

Cotton is a natural material in which the body breathes and rests, so cotton night pajamas will always be in trend.

Satin pajamas or shirts have already become classics that will never go out of style. Blue is the hottest color this season. Shirts of different shades with beautiful lace embroidery look very impressive.

Velor pajamas are rapidly gaining popularity. Trouser suits look very impressive, which can be called universal and used as home suits.

Warm kigurumi pajamas have become incredibly popular. They keep you warm during the cold season. Kigurumi with images of animals, thanks to a comfortable style, is loved by both children and adults.

In our complex you will find a wide range of sleepwear. We invite you for shopping!