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Fashionable coats and trench coats for the spring season 2023

Spring outerwear models in the 2023 season are very diverse. The classic models of brown and gray colors coats do not lose their popularity, but in spring you want to add bright colors. Quilted raincoats and raincoats made of eco-leather, which look very impressive, are gaining popularity. The novelty of the season can be considered models of raincoats made of denim.

Free-cut coat models are very popular. Calm shades of brown are in fashion, the checkered print is gaining popularity, because such models attract attention and create a unique image.

Maxi-length leather raincoats are another trend of the spring season 2023. High-waisted models look very impressive. Bright and saturated colors are in fashion, such as wine, dark green, which emphasize the texture of the material and give the image status and elegance.

Denim coats are rapidly gaining popularity, designers choose denim and convince us that this is the most democratic material. Thanks to the elongated silhouette, the denim look looks interesting and attracts attention.

Quilted trench coats in the top of spring collections are not the first season. The secret of the popularity of these models is very simple - these trench coats are very practical and comfortable. Colors such as olive, dark blue, light green are in fashion. Designers advise choosing bright details for the image, for example, an orange belt, which will perfectly emphasize the individuality of the image.

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