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Fashion prints spring -2023

The new spring-summer season of 2023 promises to be interesting. The designers decided to follow the tradition, because spring is the most romantic time of the year, when nature comes to life after winter, and everything around is filled with joy and hope. Floral print is back in the lead and adorns the collections of the most famous fashion houses. The main surprise can be called the appearance of a check print, which strikes with a range of different options, it was not without intrigue.

Designers regularly pay attention to the masterpieces of painting and borrow bold solutions, in the 2023 season they decided to let their imagination run wild and added a little abstractionism to the collections.

The stripe print looks very stylish and casual in many models, this is one of the most conservative prints, and yet, it is perfectly used in bright spring looks.

Plaid print is very often used in autumn or winter collections, but it's time to break the stereotypes and look at a new interpretation of classic prints that now adorn spring outfits.


Floral print is the most popular in the spring-summer 2023 collections. The main difference is that designers choose large images of flowers, bright and saturated shades, such as yellow, orange or pink.

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