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Fashion bags. Spring 2023

This year, a wide variety of handbag models appeared on the catwalk, designed to complement the image and be a bright accent. There is a touch of nostalgia in collection spring-summer 2023 as the 00s style remains at the top. The designers decided to use more textured materials that create volume. One of the trends is the use of shiny elements such as rhinestones and sequins.

Knitted bags and accessories have been in the lead for more than a year. Crocheted or mesh bags are gaining popularity this season. Knitted bags are replacing the straw accessories that have accompanied spring and summer fashion shows over the past few years. They are very roomy and comfortable, and  will be the perfect accessory for every day.

Fringe has become one of the main trends of the spring-summer season, decorating both everyday items and accessories. Bags with long fringes are a trend that has every chance of staying at the top of fashion for several seasons. An image with such a bag will definitely not look boring and simple.

Wearing shiny bags as a casual accessory is a bold decision by designers and a new trend. At fashion shows, various variants of bags were presented, which were studded with crystals, rhinestones and sequins. These bags can be worn with denim total bows, printed dresses and colored leather.


The aesthetics of the 2000s continues to dominate. Bags in the style of the 2000s are the main trend of the spring season 2023. Denim bags have triumphantly returned to the fashion catwalks, thanks to which everyday outfits will turn out to be less formal and more relaxed and interesting.

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